Karlee became interested in music at a very young age, and began her musical journey with classical piano lessons. At the age of 15, Karlee joined a national act from her hometown that went by the name of Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why. This experience opened her eyes and ears to the possibilities of the electric keyboard and it was partly thanks to her bandmates that sparked an interest in her for more diverse styles, such as fusion, jazz, heavy rock and funk music. She toured with this group for over six years while also attending Montclair State University for her degree in jazz piano performance, which she has since completed.

Karlee has often said that she is most fulfilled when she is able to inspire, awaken, and bring joy to her audience members, and she intends to spend the rest of her journey becoming the strongest version of herself so that she can inspire on broader levels each year.


“If we were a medical school, and you were here as a med student practicing appendectomies, you’d take your work very seriously because you would imagine that some night at 2 AM, someone is going to waltz into your emergency room and you’re going to have to save their life. Well, my friends, someday at 8 PM, someone is going to walk into your concert hall and bring you a mind that is confused, a heart that is overwhelmed, a soul that is weary. Whether they go out whole again will depend partly on how well you do your craft.” – Karl Paulnack