Monmouth Piano Shoot

The Story behind this Photoshoot (pictures below):
A few months ago, back in May, maybe early June, I passed by the Monmouth Piano building on Memorial Drive in Neptune and was extremely drawn to it. I parked my car and proceeded to look inside the building through window in the locked front door.. I noticed that there was a piano just sitting in the middle of the room with rubble all around it. I knew that I wanted to get in there, explore, and take photos. I ran around the whole perimeter of the building to find an unlocked door but no luck.. Fortunately, there was a phone number attached the the front door so I called to get in touch with somebody that could let me into the building.. no response.

Two months later (July 28) I am driving down this same road, and as I glance over at the Piano Building (as I always do when driving on this road) I notice that the building is wide open, with a construction worker sitting in a bulldozer out front. I immediately pulled over as fast as I could and ran up to this man and frantically pleaded with him to not knock the building down so that I could fulfill my vision. I was met with an extremely easy going response,

"Sure, you can do whatever you want. Building isn't getting completely knocked down until Monday". 

I immediately went home to grab decent clothes and called one of the most talented photographers I know to come meet me, on the off chance he was available. And He was. THANK YOU Chris Spiegel // Blur Revision Media Design for coming through right then and there.

The construction worker, who's name was Rick, then proceeded to explain to us that the building was occupied previously by a novelty toy company that went by the name of S.S. Adams, starting in the 1890s. (The last picture in this album is a shot of the building during this time period.)

It was really neat to explore the whole layout and come across so many iconic toys and random tidbits of history that laid across each floor of this massive building. 

I don't know what I love more. How amazing these photos came out, or the moments leading up to it. The spontaneous aspects of life always prove to be the most rewarding and beautiful. 

Again, a huge thank you to Chris Spiegel for being so talented and flexible with my crazy random life. 

I hope you all enjoy the story and the pictures as much as I love sharing it.